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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 27, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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. hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've got the videos that you've been looking for "right this minute." >> danger on the horizon as boaters find themselves around -- >> water spouts. here's how they got out of the
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situation. >> the camera captures a bully in action. >> and the national geographic moment you've got to see. >> plus still time to win an ipad mini. we have friday's buzz word. and a very sexy treat. see the secret to a buttini. >> it's just confusing. >> i don't understand. >> you guys, aaron and kevin out to catch some lobster. they decided to catch something else, water spouts. they're going toward the water spout. >> i can't stop filming. >> you know water spouts not as dangerous as a tornado. >> looks like he's reaching up into it. >> yes. >> let me know when you're ready to go. >> here they go. [ screaming ] >> you can hear kevin screaming, the hear the water splashing all
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over the boat and the camera. the storm picked up shortly after this. we have kevin johnson joining us from key largo, florida. we're glad you're okay blap did the water spout do to you and your boat as you went through it? >> it did raise the hatches. it's such a low pressure. i calculated a glancing blow. >> did you go into it or did it come now? >> it came to us. we were moving about 10 miles an hour. i was trying to move so we didn't have such a head-on collision. i don't want to recommend this to anyone. it's the first time we had a camera. >> what made you look at a water spout and say let's drive a boat through it? >> i live on the edge. this one is one-sixth the size
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of the larger one i've been through. >> have a seen a water spout farm like this in the snas. >> -- in the past? >> the most i've seen here is 123. >> i notice your dog is up front and personal with that thing. where did you stow him? >> he was right between my legs under the steering wheel. there was no lightning until the end. she was shivering when the cold rain started coming down. otherwise, there was no animals harmed in the making of that film. >> except the lobster. >> except the lobster. >> take a look at the surveillance footage. it looks like a normal day at the laundromat. you see a 75-year-old man pushing his cart of laundry, along with his 73-year-old wife. he's putting his wet clothes into the dryer. in walks this man.
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>> 59-year-old kenneth wood. he starts having an exchange with the 75-year-old man. in fact, 59-year-old wood is mad at this 75-year-old man saying, hey, you took my dryer. >> what? >> the 75-year-old man called wood an idiot and that did not sit well with wood and look what happened. >> he shoved the 75-year-old man to the ground. he gets up. you see him reach into his pocket and get his phone to make a call. that does not sit well with wood. >> he pushes me on the ground, grabs my cell phone, smashes it on the ground and was kicking me like i was a soccer ball. i thought i was dead. >> the wife was stunned. he stays on the ground even as wood flees the laundromat. >> was he hurt? >> according to police, he was bumped and bruised.
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but he refused treatment. he got up and walked to the restaurant and called police there. they used this surveillance footage to track down wood. he was arrested recently because of this surveillance footage and he's been charged with felony battery. >> what kind of ego do you have where you feel the need to attack a 75-year-old man in a laundromat? >> no one with any logic would do that to another man. no one. >> i have a couple of animal versus animal videos. we start with some pictures that went viral about a month ago. it was a jaguar versus a crocodile. that jaguar is making easy work of trying to make this crocodile part of its buffet. national geographic has now released the video from this incident. this happened in brazil and they say this jaguar, top of the food chain when it's along this water line. anything can be its victim, including a crocodile. >> it looks like it's the top of
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the food chain. it looks well fed actually zplapts future adult male. he's been nicknamed mick jaguar because of his moves. >> it doesn't take long for him to figure out which one he wants. these guys didn't move, didn't turn around, didn't hear a thing in the water. >> that's awesome. are you kidding me? >> one, two pounces and the teeth are in. >> holy moly, just dragging it. >> this one is animal vaert animal versus human. >> this guy has a fish in hand and the pelican grabs it out of the guy's hand. >> but wait a minute, the day is not over for the fish. >> run kidding me? >> the guy reaches in elbow deep
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into the pelican's mouth after opening it and gets the fish out. >> i'm sad for this little pelican. he just wanted some lunch. >> ought to teach him some manners then. >> the rtm ipad mini contest is coming up in a minute. >> and you have to know the buzz word to win. >> and you have to be 18 years or older and a u.s. resident. >> any time you buy somethingline, especially a high ticket item, there's always a little bit of risk involved and the seller. this guy claims to own an automotive customizing shop in technical emu la, california. >> he says he sold a $1,400
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engine to a guy in tucson, arizona. this guy. but the buyer claims that the engine wasn't what he was expecting so he called up his credit card company, cancelled payment but never shipped back the engine. so this guy is ticked. he tried for months and months and months and tried to get him to send this lump of an engine back. so he decides to take it into his own hands. >> this is the thief that stole our engine right here. calling the cops. >> get away from my car, please. >> there's a bit of a confrontation out on the street. the guy who he claims is thethe on the phone with police. >> where's my engine? give me my engine and we'll go. >> the police did show up. the guy from tem ek u la says i have this paper work saying the
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engine belongs to me. so his ducks are in a row. in this guy's garage, they check the vin numbers against their paperwork. these guys bought a pickup truck, engine lift, hook it up and off they go. >> the cops basically said give this guy their engine back? >> we reached out to tucson police and they said they didn't really have a record of this, which probably means they just mediated the exchange. >> one brave dude ant td the biggest wind suit stunt yes. >> he talked about augmented reality to get ready for this stunt. >> see how soaring through the virtual world got him ready to fly. >> and a tender moment between mama gorilla and her baby. the motherly instincts and
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reaction. >> that's a mean look. i'm surprised they kept filming because that's scary.
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today is the big day, you guys, for jed corliss and the flying mega stunt. last week when we talked to him, he talked about augmented reality that he used as a trial to get ready for this stunt.
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>> augmend reality is atetechno. >> thanks for the guys over at the world wing suit league, we get to see that video, and we get to see exactly what he explained to us. >> i'm actually jumping out of aircraft and they've three dimensionally rendered my exact flight underneath me. >> and before you know it, the mountain is right in front of him. >> oh! that's awesome. so he can just fly down, like a complete practice run. >> a thousand feet below me, i can see my mountain, see the crack, see the exact angle and fly through the mountain. >> this is the exact moment he told us about. >> obviously this is brand new technology. it has glitches. as i'm coming at it, the mountain would move. every time my mountain would move, i went through no problem. it was a very interesting
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experience. >> and show you how quick he was going to go through. i thought he was going to be in there longer than that. it really a flash he was in there. >> do we really need to see him fly this mountain? stay safe. congratulations, you can thread a needle. don't do it. >> it's a challenge put in front of him and he wants to do it. >> about two minutes all these creeps needed to make off with this guy's bike in vancouver. three bike thieves. here's the bike here. they make their way over with a 2 x 4 and an ax. what do you first notice about this video? >> broad daylight. >> people are just hacking away with the ax, trying to bust this off. >> nobody stops? it's an unusual sight. >> i'm not sure i would walk up to three guys with an ax either
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and say, hey, you better stop that. >> the guy who owned the bike, 66-year-old raymond lemieux. he said he realized he was parking his expensive bike, electric bike, $1,800. he was just going into the dentist to get a cavity filled, 45 minutes. he thought what would go wrong in 45 snints obviously these guys only needed two. >> you just wish you could trust society. >> raymond lemieux put his serial number out there so if it gets tracked down on craigslist or an internet sale site. people say there are folks who wander the area on a regular basis. >> this probably isn't the only guy who has been hit by these dudes. >> an orchestra instantly available in the middle of manhattan. all they need is a conductor.
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>> this is a dream come true! >> next "right this minute." and still to come, little vehicles, big flames. >> this guy wants to get a better look so he gingerly walks in front of this burning car. >> see how a day at the country club got a bit heated. >> ooh, weee! >> plus we have an ipad mini to give away. doesn't miss friday's buzz word for your chance to win.
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closed captioning provided by: a couple of small vehicles and big fires. this guy operating a tiny backhoe. you see him working in the dirt there. as soon as he sticks that in the dirt, poof! >> did he hit a gas line? >> yeah, he caught a gas line. he jumps out immediately.
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look where it spread. it's a construction site, has the little flags and everything. fortunately there was a wildfire truck nearby and the flames gets extinguished pretty quickly. >> let's go to texas, the country club. your ball near this, do you still have to play it where it lies? >> i think you get a mulligan. >> this guy wants to get a better look. he gingjingingerly walks in fro this burning car. now right when he walked in front of this golf cart -- >> ooh, weee! did you hear that? >> here they come, brother. it time for us to take off. >> this is a lot of action for the golf course, you know? mostly it's quiet. >> i don't even want to go back
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that way. that thing popped off while i was standing. >> golf course is not supposed to do that. >> no, that was dope. >> no injuries in either of these thankfully. >> you are looking at some tender moments between a mom gorilla and her baby. dimbay was born in august of last year but she's still nursing this baby gorilla. it's interesting how human-like they are. they live at the zoo in colorado. she's nursing him very much like a human mom would if she was laying on the couch. the mom is being filmed and she finally looks at the photographer like, hey, can we have some privacy here. >> i'm surprised they kept filming because that look was scary. >> it's amazing what she does
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while she's nursing. she's burping it. >> wow! >> is it common for a gorilla to nurse this long? >> that surprised me because it's a year old but, again, these things get pretty old. it was born august 12th of 2012. >> all right, everybody. it's time for a little ipad mini giveaway. >> you got to be 18 years old and you have to have friday's buzz word. >> enter on our facebook page. if you're using a mobile phone or tablet go, to the first post on our facebook page and tap on the mobile link. >> the buzz word for friday is "famous." >> now head to the facebook page and click on the ipad mini. >> and type in famous for the
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buzz word. good luck, everybody. >> is it
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this guy is doing what he's supposed to do. he went out to a nice little field to fly his little copter, right? looks like he's still learning how to use this thing but he's able to do a couple of little tricks. see that little flip over there? maybe the mistake made was by the photographer, not the pilot. >> what? >> yeah, right in his grill. >> for standing too close to this guy as he's trying to fly. comes zipping in, smacks him right in the face. >> his buddy probably wanted him to film it but said i'm not too
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good at this yet. >> he got too confident. he was doing all these really cool maneuvers and then -- >> accordion sing along. ♪ ♪ [ howling ] doesn't get more american than apple pie. delicious. i'm going to teach you how to make some. over at the official hungry channel, this is going to be really cool. in the processor, throw in the
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mixture of flour and butter and all kinds of ingredients. once the dough is complete, throw it in the fridge for 30 minutes, take out your apples and start -- do you notice what we're making here? >> mini pies. >> tiny little apples. the instructions are in the video with all the ingredients. once that's down, you pour it over the apples. >> she got fancy with it. that's the next level artistic stuff there. >> that was so easy. >> did i say it was easy? >> yes. >> you guys are a pain in the butt. speaking of butt, let's go to japan where they have interesting candies. there's a mold with shapes in it and you create the mixture, it's like a pudding.
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you tlo tloe hrow it in the mic and then in the refrigerator. then it becomes a solid. >> is it supposed to a butt? >> it's really supposed to be a butt. there's a smoked jelly you pour into a martini glass and then you put the butt over there and then you top off the rest of your candy martini with blue jelly, refrigerate for another 30 minutes and, boom. it would be great for a bachelor party. >> here's your buttini! >> cheers! >> that's it for us here at rtm. we'll see you next time, everybody.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you love great videos from the web, this is the show for you "right this minute." >> a dirt bike rider tries to power through floodwaters. >> washing him away. >> now the one tough guy with no regrets. >> would i do it again? probably. >> a dad walks his daughters down the aisle after -- >> doctors gave him only months to live. >> oh, my gosh. >> now meet the


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